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Simply Swiss offers you a choice of independent or guided journeys, for both novice and experienced hikers, with durations from four to nine days. We have also included a more extreme Alpine hike in the Zermatt region, for those seeking a real challenge!




LAKE CONSTANCE TO GENEVA                                























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Trans-Swiss & Via Alpina Walking Trails



9 day East to West independent tour


This cross country tour follows the Trans Swiss Trail #3, beginning at Lake Constance in the northeast, and finishing in Geneva at the far southest corner of Switzerland. A combination of hiking trails, Postbus, Swiss Rail, and mountain rack railways make for a great collection of transportation to see you safely across this beautiful country.

Highlights are following the Route of St James through the foothills of the Alps, including the Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln, a favourite stop on the pilgrims tour; plus the towns of Zug, Lucerne, and Geneva. And at all times the majestic swiss Alps are towering over you.


Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Rorschach

Overnight here after receiving your orientation kit.

Day 2: Rorschach - Appenzell  

Train to Heiden; Hike: Heiden - Trogan - Bühler  (5 hours); Train from Bühler to Appenzell

The picture postcard countryside of this district is scatterred with farmsteads, villages and lovely cities such as St Gallen and Appenzell, your home for the night.

Day 3: Appenzell - Toggenburg - Rapperswill

Train to Wattwil, then Post bus to Hemburg

Hike: Hemburg - Wattwil - Ricken (4.5 hours)

Post bus from Ricken to Rapperswil

At Hemberg you enter a world of meadows, forests, hills, valleys and gorgeously decorated farmhouses. This is part of the Route of St James, a much frequented pilgramage route since the Middle Ages.

Day 4: Rapperswil - Einsiedeln - Lucerne

Train to Einsiedeln,  Hike: Einsiedeln - Lake Aegeri (2.5 hours);  Post bus from Unterageri to Zug;  Train to Lucerne

The Benedictine Abbey of Einsedeln is Switzerland's most visited pilgrimage destination, with more than 500,000 visitirs annualy.

Cross the moors and marshland of Rothenthurm before reaching Lake Aegeri, a popular residentail area for the tax-free citizens of Zug.

Day 5:   Lucerne - Napf - Lüderenalp

Train to Menzau;  Post bus to Menzberg; 

Hike: Menzberg - Napf - Lüderenalp (5.5 hours)

The walking track from Napf to Lüderenalp is not for the faint hearted, with steep drops of forest and rock. Once you arrive at the Lúderenalp Inn, you'll be welcomed with a hearty plate of Swiss Rosti and a drop of fine wine, a well earned respite after a good days walk.

Day 6: Lüderenalp - Rüeggissberg - Schwarzerburg

Train to Köniz;  Bus to Rüeggisberg

Hike: Rüeggisberg - Schwarzenburg (3 hours)

Todays hike is over very varied terrain: shortly after Rüeggisberg the track runs along a ridge with a marvellous view over Bernese Oberland. Then the trail drops steeply into the Schwarzwasser Gorge before emerging into typical Schwarzenburger countryside with its rolling hills and scattered farmsteads.

Day 7:  Schwarzenburg -Les Paccots

Train to Chátel St Denis; Post Bus to Les Paccots

Hike: Les Paccots - Les Pléiades

Train: Les Pléiades to Vevey

Les Paccots is both a summer and winter resort set right in the centre of a traquil forest region and a great place to relax. Our path winds gently downwards through forest, moor and meadow scenery to reach les Pléiades. The meadows are stunning in spring when the wild flowers are blooming!

Savour the glorious views across Lake Geneva to wards the Haute-Savoie. You may save your legs and avoid a steep walk down to Lake Geneva by taking the rack railway to Vevey.

Day 8:  Vevey - Lausanne - Geneva

Train to Allaman;  Post Bus to Aubonne

Hike: Aubonne - Vinzel - Begnins (3.7 hours)

Post Bus from Begnins to Nyon; Train to Geneva

Wine takes centre stage today! Your hiking route takes you through the vineyards of the Vaudois, sharing it with the vineyard workers themselves. Tiny villages such as Aubonne, Féchy, Mont-sur-Rolle and Vinzel line your route, with spectacular lake views across to France.

Day 9:  Geneva

End of tour. You may elect to extend your stay in Europe.


Tour Rating - moderate

Routes of medium difficulty on good trails and paths. Daily distance up to 6 hours. Good fitness level is recommended as some days you walk up to 17 km.

You walk on well kept trails and hillside paths so good hiking boots are recommended.



Schedule and Price



Daily departures from May through mid-October

Price per person CAD / USD $1395
Single surcharge   $350
Extra nights pre or post tour   $90
This tour includes:
  • 8 nights in three star hotels, in a double room with private facilities
  • Breakfasts
  • Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel
  • Train/bus transfers according to program
  • Route book and information pack
  • Emergency service helpline


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4 day independent tour

Emmental is probably the only valley worldwide which is famous for the holes in its cheese. But the Emmental has a lot more to offer. The “green island” of Switzerland has large forests, fields and meadows, most of which are situated on the steep slopes of the foothills of the Alps. Enjoy the very well kept agricultural land, outstanding farmhouses with window cases full of flowers, and beautifully tended gardens in the ever changing scenery. Here in the Emmental Valley the Trans Swiss Trail is a truly scenic route. Undulating roads through picturesque villages and along small brooks slowly ascend to heights with marvellous view over the gentle hilly countryside and across to the Swiss Alps with its 4.000er peaks.


Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1: Individual arrival in Eggiwil

Day 2: Eggiwil – Schangnau – (Kemmeriboden), walking time to Schangnau approx. 4 hours, to Kemmeriboden 6 hours

The gorge Schopfgraben leads to one of the infamous Emmental „Chräche“ – a gorge so steep that only very rarely a sunray strays down. Since the devastations of tempest “Lothar” the gorge is blocked. Therefore the Trans Swiss Trail detours via the panoramic summit of Wachthubel (1414m) to reach Schangnau. Try “Aemmitaler Ruschtig“ for lunch – a local speciality made from everything that can be harvested from fields, forests and gardens. Once Kemmeriboden had a renowned health spa culture – only history now. But that should not prevent you from taking a healthy bath in the clear waters of the young Emme. Possible shortening: Schangnau – Kemeriboden by bus. Overnight in Kemmeribodenbad.

Day 3: Kemmeriboden – Salwideli – Sörenberg, walking time approx. 3 hours

There are various routes from the Emmental to Entlebuch – right past the mountain via Salwideli or – when weather and stamina are equally fine – across a mountain with the beautiful name Hengst (literally meaning „stallion“). Salwideli has the most beautiful moor of Switzerland and from Südelhöchi you walk into the valley to Sörenberg where you stay overnight.


Day 4: Individual Departure


Tour Rating - moderate

Routes of medium difficulty on good trails and paths. Daily distance up to 6 hours. Good fitness level for some parts is recommended as you walk up to 17 km.

You walk on well kept trails and hillside paths so good hiking boots are recommended.

Schedule and Price



Daily from mid-April to mid-October

Price per person CAD / USD $590
Single surcharge   $150
Extra nights pre or post tour   $90
This tour includes:
  • 3 nights in three star hotels, in a double room with private facilities
  • Breakfasts
  • Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel
  • Train/bus transfers according to program
  • Route book and information pack
  • Emergency helpline 

A seven night independent itinerary through the Emmental is also available, starting in Bern. Contact us for details.


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7 day independent walking tour


The Swiss canton of Ticino is famous for its mild climate, unique natural contrasts and varied landscape. This makes it one of the most beautiful hiking regions of Switzerland. Spring arrives earlier and autumn lingers longer than in the rest of the country. Hikers will find a well developed system of hiking trails which are all perfectly signposted.

Ticino is highly influenced by its Italian neighbours, with Italian as the main language. The newly opened “Trans Swiss Trail” leads through Ticino on the scenic route Strada Alta, along the river Ticino to Bellinzona and via the height of Gola di Lago down to the subtropical climate of Lago di Lugano.


Day to Day Itinerary


Day 1:   Individual arrival at Airolo

Day 2:   Strada Alta (Airolo – Osco), walking time 5 hours

Following the legendary scenic route of Strada Alta, in old times this was an important trading route to avoid the wild gorges of Leventina on the way to Gotthard. The stage between Airolo and Osco has many scenic views into the Bedretto valley and to the snowy peaks of the Gotthard massive. From Osco take a bus transfer to Biasca, site of the massive new Gotthard Base Tunnel rail project.

Day 3:   Strada Alta (Anzonico – Biasca), walking time 4 hours 30 min

In the morning take a bus transfer to Anzonico. This  little known but most beautiful part of the Strada Alta has villages that still vividly remind of the old times, lovingly maintained Rustici and naturally kept paths – a hiker’s paradise with breathtaking views.

Day 4:   Hiking from Basca – Bellinzona, walking time 5 hours 40 min

Today a very different picture of Ticino presents itself: The Trans Swiss Trail follows the unspoilt river banks of Ticino – and you would never believe that not too far away truck after truck thunders along the motorway in the direction of the Gotthard Pass. Hear only the callings of water birds!

Day 5:   Bellinzona – Gola di Lago – Lugano

Walking time Isone – Tesserete 3 hours 30 min

By train or bus from Bellinzona to Isona. A lovely hiking day away from any traffic; you hike via alpine pastures to Pass Gola di Lago, with breathtaking views on Denti Della Vecchia (“Luganese Dolomites”), on the high altitude path to Condra. From Tesserete by bus to Lugano.

Day 6:   Lugano – San Salvatore – Morcote

Walking time Lugano/Paradiso – Morcote 5 hours

From the top of Monte San Salvatore – either reached on foot or by funicular from Lugano/Paradiso – you enjoy a stunning panorama view on Lake Lugano and of the Alps. Highlight of this tour certainly is the picturesque village Carona and – at the end of the hiking tour – the former fisher’s village Morcote. Return to Lugano by bus or boat.

Day 7: Depart this morning or extend your stay in Europe


Tour Rating - moderate

This tour is suitable for hikers of any age group, including children and seniors, however you must be of a good fitness level.

Daily walking times are kept fairly short to allow ample time to stop and enjoy the sights. You walk on well kept trails and hillside paths so good hiking boots are recommended.



Schedule and Price



Daily departures from May through mid-October.

Price per person CAD / USD $1135
Single surcharge   $250
Extra nights pre or post tour   $90
This tour includes:
  • 6 nights in three star hotels, in a double room with private facilities
  • Breakfasts
  • Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel
  • Train/bus transfers according to program
  • Route book and information pack


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8 Day Independent Walking Tour

Gruyére cheese is famous the world over and here is your chance to explore the countryside it comes from. This is Swiss chocolate box scenery par excellence. Alpine inns and cheese making huts are waiting for you on your way over the green alpine pastures. Local cheese and local wine go hand in hand. Lake Geneva smiles up at you with its many winegrowing villages, all with melodious sounding names: St. Staphorin, Epesses, or Villette. Stop at one (or all) of them to taste the famous Lavaux wine.


Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1: Individual arrival at Guggisberg

Day 2: Guggisberg – Schwarzsee, Walking time approx. 5 hours

The „Guggershörnli“ – a rock escarpment high above the tops of the fir trees, which can be climbed by means of a wooden staircase, is a very popular destination for a day trip in Switzerland. The figurine "s Vreneli ab em Guggisbärg" almost has cult status. The route in Schwarzenburger and Sense country is quite abrupt with changes of altitude of several hundred meters being unavoidable From Zollhaus a new hiking path follows along the river Sense – very attractive!

Day 3: Schwarzsee – Charmey, Walking time approx. 4 hours

Lake Schwarzsee is one of the jewels of the Alps – and your hiking tour through Gruyère country starts here. The ascent to La Balisa Pass is made enjoyable with its many alpine huts serving food and drink. On the way you encounter the mysterious Carthusian monastery La Valsainte and the charming little summer and winter sport centre of Charmey.

Day 4: Charmey – Gruyères, Walking time approx. 2.5 hours

The delightful hiking path along Lac de Montsalvens and through the Jogne gorge was opened just a few years ago . This offers a charming hiking connection from Jaun Valley to Gruyères. The medieval town with its castle enthroned on a hill, greets the hiker from afar. The castle is one of the most frequently visited scenis sights in Switzerland.

Day 5: Gruyères – Les Paccots, Walking time approx. 5 hours

Gentle ascent to the symbol of Gruyère: Mount Moléson. The characteristic summit can be reached by either funicular or on foot. Our tour goas as high as the middle station Plan Francey, from where the Trans Swiss Trail continues past many alpine huts to Les Paccots. These huts are usually open in summer for further refreshments!

Day 6: Les Paccots – Vevey, Walking time approx. 5 hours

This is the crowning stage of the trail!  In the morning you start from the lovely alpine holiday region of Les Paccots. Across green meadows and scenting forests to Les Pléiades, where narcissus flower in spring and during the whole year a breathtaking view over Lake Geneva and the high mountain ranges of Savoy can be enjoyed. An easy descent to Blonay and Vevey by rack railway.

Day 7: Vevey - Lausanne, Walking time approx. 5 hours

The last stage of Trans Swiss Trail again brims over with superlatives! The climate on the southfacing slopes of Lake Geneva is much milder than anywhere else in Switzerland and the local wines carry the names of their villages into the world. The route from Vevey to Lausanne travels amongst the vineyards of Lavaux – a memorable conclusion to your hiking tour. Overnight in Lausanne.

Day 8: Individual departure from Lausanne


Tour Rating - moderate

Routes of medium difficulty on good trails and paths. Daily distance up to 5 hours. Good fitness level for some parts is recommended as you walk up to 17 km. Also summits of up to 2.000 m may be included if you wish.

You walk on well kept trails and hillside paths so good hiking boots are recommended.


Chateau  Gruyéres & Mount Moléson

Schedule and Price



Daily departures from mid-April through mid-October.

Price per person CAD / USD $1135
Extra nights in Guggisberg or Lausanne   $90
Single supplement   $250
This tour includes:
  • 7 nights in three star hotels, all rooms with private facilities
  • buffet breakfasts
  • Information Pack
  • Luggage transfer
  • Details on tourist attractions
  • 7 day emergency help-line.

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8 Day Independent tour


This hiking holiday in the Bernese Oberland canton of Switzerland follows the Bear Trek (Trail ) and is available as a level 2-3 independent walking tour. Discover alpine Switzerland at its best with six days walking on the Bear Trek, crossing spectacular passes and scrambling along grand glaciers. The Bear-Trek passes through valleys and gorges, past the “Three Proud Switzermen” Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau to the beautiful Swiss holiday villages of Adelboden and Lenk.  Well, actually you won’t meet any bears on this trek nowadays. The name of this route comes from the time when the region was wilderness and the territory of bears and wolfs. Today hikers immerse into nature and breathe in the spectacular scenery. Crossing several passes on your way to summits, you are rewarded for your alpinist stamina by the imposing and beauty of the Alps!
A number of alternative routes are available, if you feel tired or the weather suddenly changes. Often the daily stages can be shortened by covering some distance by public bus or chair lift.



Day 1 – Arrival in Meiringen

Day 2 - Meiringen-Grindelwald -  5.5 hours

You start at 10 am at the railway station in Meiringen. There you deposit your luggage and take the public post bus service to Rosenlaui. Hike over the Grosse Scheidegg Saddle (1962m) to Grindelwald, always with marvelous panoramic views of the three famous Bernian giants Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. To avoid the steep decent into Grindelwald, you may take the gondola lift down from First or Egg.

Day 3 - Grindelwald–Lauterbrunnen - 5 hours

The hiking tour today starts with a continuous ascent up to the Little Scheidegg at the foot of the Eiger north face. From here you can take an optional train detour to the Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe. You may descend to Lauterbrunnen via a steep track, past the spectacular Trümmelbach waterfalls. (Easier alternative: descent to Lauterbrunnen via Wengen or train from Little Scheidegg to Lauterbrunnen).

Day 4 - Lauterbrunnen–Griesalp/Kiental   - 6.5 hours

Early in the morning ascent by cable car to Mürren. Weather permitting, you walk over mostly snow covered paths of Sefinenfurgge through the breathtaking alpine scenery. Enjoy grand views of the Sefinfurke Pass (2612m), Blumlisalp, the Jungfrau region, and down into the Kiental Valley.

Day 5 - Griesalp/Kiental–Kandersteg - 7 hours

Today is the major day with the ascent to the Blüemlisalp. After a long and steep ascent to 2843 m you are rewarded with a good lunch at the Blüemlisalp hut. Via the Hohtürli and across the moraines of the Blüemlialp glacier you descend to the lake Öschinensee. This lake is one of the most impressive mountain lakes of the Alps. On you walk to Kandersteg (Alternative from lake Öschinensee: downhill by chair lift ).

Day 6 - Kandersteg–Adelboden  - 5.5 hours

First by cable car and on to the Allmenalp, then you ascent to Bonderchrinde. From here you enjoy a marvelous round view on the surrounding Alps. On a beautiful route through farmland and surrounded by cows, you descend to Adelboden.

Day 7 - Adelboden–Lenk -4.5 hours

Today you have the choice of two alternatives to end your Bear Trek:

Variant 1: Easy walk via the Hahnenmoos to Lenk

Variant 2: Via public post bus and cable car on the Engstligenalp. Hike over the Ammeten ridge, past the Simmen waterfalls to Lenk.

Day 8 – Individual Departure

You may extend your stay in Switzerland if you wish.



Tour Rating - moderate to intermediate

High altitude tour between 1.500 and 2.500 m, on mountain paths and rocky, sometimes exposed paths are waiting for you. A sure footing, a good head for heights and good endurance levels are required. Daily distances of up to 7 hours and managing of higher altitude differences are included. For self-guided hiking a fair mountain experience is required.

Bear Trek Hiking in Switzerland


Schedule and Price



Every Saturday and Sunday from mid-June to mid-September

Price per person CAD / USD $1250
Single supplement $300
Extra nights in Meiringen or Lenk $90
This tour includes:
  • 7 nights in three star hotels, all rooms with private facilities
  • buffet breakfast
  • Information Pack
  • Luggage transfer
  • Details on tourist attractions
  • Transfers: Meiringen-Rosenlaui; Griesalp-Kiental-Griesalp
  • 7 day emergency help-line.

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5 day Guided Tour


An impressing glacier trekking tour from Saas Fee to Zermatt, with a summit tour on Breithorn (4164 m) as the final highlight. Framed by 4000 m high mountains Allalin, Alphubel, Täschorn, Dom, Rimpfischhorn, Matterhorn and a stunning panorama of Monte Rosa massif, each stage is an enjoyable and thrilling experience. The program does full justice to the need to acclimatise yourself to the high alpine conditions.


Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1:   Saas Fee – Felskinn (Hohlaub) train – Britannia hut

Meeting point at 11 am in Saas Fee, welcome and start of the tour. Training on the glacier (how to walk with crampons, handle the ice-axe, and walk on the rope and general instructions about glacier walking). Overnight on SAC Brittania hut (3030 m).

Day 2:   Brittania hut – Allalin Pass – Täsch hut

After having a substantial breakfast we leave Britannia hut and climb the mountain path over Hohlaub- and Allalin glacier to Allalin pass at 3564 m. Here a breathtaking panorama of prominent summits as the famous Weisshorn (4505 m) opens up. We continue to cross on the south foot of Allalinhorn (4027 m) into the direction of Albhubel. At the end of Albhubel glacier at approx. 3300 m altitude, we can unfasten the crampons and walk on the hut-path down to Täsch-hut. Overnight in SAC Täsch hut.

Day 3:   Täsch hut – Pfulwe – mountain-hotel Fluhalp

On the south slope we walk down to the valley bottom of Täschalp. On our climb to Pfulwe (3270 m) we first follow a hiking path and then cross snow-fields to the summit. There is enough time to take in the marvellous scenic views. The whole Monte Rosa range, Matterhorn and other 4000 m high mountains are the reward for our exertions. After a downhill walk of 2.5 hrs we reach today’s accommodation on Fluhalp. The old mountain-hotel is comfortable and you will certainly love the atmosphere.

Day 4:   Hotel Fluhalp – Riffelalp – Lake Schwarzsee – Gandegg hut

Today is the last preparation for the highlight of our trip – the summit tour of Breithorn. We walk on walking paths across Riffelalp (2299m), Gorner gorge up to Furgg and on to station Trockener Steg 2939m. From here only around 20 min walk remains to Gandegg hut, idyllically nestling between Theodul and Unterer Theodul glacier. You will never forget a sunset at Gandegg hut.

Day 5:   Gandegg hut – ride to Klein Matterhorn – Breithorn – Zermatt

The first part of the tour is covered by cable car from Trockener Steg to station Klein Matterhorn at 3883 m. We traverse Breithorn plateau, a glacier covered plateau of marvellous dimension. On the plateau we can adjust to the height. The steep slope to the summit will test our acquired knowledge about walking with crampons and ice-axe. The climb to the summit is rewarded by the exhilarating feeling to have managed 4000 m on your own and by a superb view from Western Wallis 4000ers, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso range with Aosta valley, plains of river Po in Italy, to the far away Bernina group and the Bernian alps. Congratulation to your first 4000 m high summit! Downhill walk to Station Klein Matterhorn, where the cable car gently carries us to the green pastures of the Matter valley. Zermatt, centre of mountaineering, welcomes us.

Individual departure around approx. 2 pm. or extend your stay in Zermatt.



Tour Character

This glacier-trekking week is suitable for all persons used to regular exercises in mountains. No experience in Alpine techniques or walking with crampons, handling an ice-axe are required. The necessary technique is taught on the first day by the mountain guide. You should have enough fitness and stamina for tours of approx. 5 to 7 hours at a comfortable speed. Our walking speed is a regular 250 m height per hour with breaks every 1.5 hours.

SAC Hut at Saas Fee

Schedule and Price



Tour starts most Mondays from late June to end-September

Price per person CAD / USD $1330
Extra nights in Saas Fee and/or Zermatt (3 star hotel)   $90
This tour includes:
  • 4 overnights with half board (3 x hut with bunk beds and 1 x mountain hotel in dormitory)
  • 5 guided tours with instructions how to walk with crampons and handle an ice-axe
  • 5 days with your experienced and certified mountain guide
  • 4.000er Diploma
  • Welcome drink
  • 50 litre Trekking rucksack

Cable car fares paid locally.


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8 day independent tour


8 days to explore the stunning variety of Berner Oberland. The tour starts in the largest and most important town in the Haslital Valley, Meiringen. With dark forests and wild waterfalls: the Berner Oberland is an image of pure Switzerland. The opalescent waters of Lake Brienze change their colour according to prevailing wind and weather, from deep blue into turquoise or emerald green.

In Interlaken you have three days under the influence of the famous threesome Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Without doing other mountains injustice, Jungfrau, with her unique harmony of form and proportion is of unsurpassed beautyy. The slopes of the 4000 m high mountain are covered by 8 glaciers. On old passes you return through Rosenlaui Valley to the starting point.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1:   Individual journey to Meiringen.

7 pm Welcome and tour information, distribution of route documentation. Overnight in Meiringen.

Day 2:   Aare Gorge round trip

Comfortable walk to one of the most famous points of interest in Switzerland, the Aare gorge. The gorge is an impressive relict of the last ice age, when the glacier reached far into the valley. The gorge is 1.4 km long and up to 200 m deep. For hundred years it has been accessible by a safe bridge and tunnels. This walking tour is a very special experience. Walking time approx. 2 hrs.

Day 3:   Meiringen-Ballenberg - Brienz

Beautiful walk over hills and through valleys past open air museum Ballenberg, where you can experience Swiss traditions with more than 100 original farm houses surrounded by the typical gardens and fields, artisans etc. Walk past the pretty village of Brienzwiler with views of the beautiful Lake Brienzersee to Brienz where you will stay overnight. Walking time approx. 4 hrs.


Day 4:   Brienz – Giessbach falls- Iseltwald - Interlaken

You walk on the shore of Lake Brienz, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the lake and Brienzergrat. A leisurely walk through the woods leads you to the Giessbach waterfalls and to Iseltwald, the only village on the south shore of Lake Brienz and then further to world famous Interlaken, the gateway to the Jungfrau region. Time: about 5 hours.Overnight in Interlaken.

Day 5:   Interlaken – Schynige Platte-First-Grindelwald

By train and rack railway up to Schynige Platte. An unsurpassed high altitude path above the tree line with marvellous views on the Alps with green valleys of Lütschine and Aare follows. Visit the alpine garden Schynige Platte with more than 500 alpine flowers. Walking time: approx. 6 hrs.Overnight in Grindelwald.

Day 6:   Free ride by Jungfrau train up to Jungfraujoch.

Today you enjoy a rack railway ride up to Jungfraujoch, the "top of the world". Stunning views of the summits of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Take the walking trails back to grindelwald at your own leisure. Overnight in Grindelwald.

Day 7:   Grindelwald-Meiringen

By cable car up to First. Once more you can enjoy the panorama view on your walk to Grosse Scheidegg, a mighty wall of Wetterhorn, which towers almost vertically. The gigantic mountains and glaciers close by, the many streams and marvellous fauna are part of an overwhelming experience. Walking time: approx. 5 hrs.

Day 8:   Individual departure or extra nights in Meiringen.





Tour Rating - moderate

Routes of medium difficulty on good trails and paths. Daily distance up to 6 hours. Good fitness level for some parts is recommended as you walk up to 17 km.  and climb to 2000m.



Schedule and Price



Every day from June to mid-October.

Price per person CAD / USD $1475
Single supplement   $280
Extra nights in Meiringen   $110
Optional dinner package ( x 7)   $175
This tour includes:


    7 nights in three star hotels, all rooms with private facilities

    Breakfast each day

    Welcome meeting and Information Pack

    Luggage transfer

    3 day Jungfrau Pass (free use of cable cars, trains and buses)

    Entrance fee to glacier gorge Rosenlaui

    Entrance fee to Aare gorge

    Free car park in Meiringen

    7 day emergency help-line.


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8 day independent resort stay

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit in this absolutely gorgeous corner of the Swiss Alps. Hidden deep in the mountains of the Bernese Oberland lies the town of Adelboden. The chocolate-box image of a Swiss mountain village comes alive here, with old wooden chalets with overhanging roofs lining the main street (cars are discouraged), and 3000m peaks providing an impressive backdrop.

Our unique package offers the opportunity to experience all that makes an Alpine stay in Switzerland so special - walking, cycling, mountainbiking, spa and wellness!



Adelboden is surrounded by a network of over 300 km of perfect hiking, walking and mountain trails, for unforgettable discoveries and experiences in a unique setting, combining nature and a man-made landscape.

Maps for walkers, suggested trails and folding guide sheets are available free of charge in the Tourist Centre in Adelboden.

While hiking, observe the primeval force of water: the 600 m high Engstligen waterfalls, Choleren Gorge, Pochtenkessel, and Adelbodner mineral springs.

Observe traditional mountain farming with alpine huts and alpine cheese dairies, while enjoying the sound of cowbells from the meadows as you stroll by.

Hiking Pass - The hiking pass is valid on all Adelboden cable-cars and local buses as well as the cable-car Elsigbach-Elsigenalp. Hikers or just gentle walkers use the cable-cars and local bus services to comfortably reach magnificent viewpoints, cosy mountain restaurants and the starting points of many of the adventurous trails. Even the most unfit are thus able to enjoy the high mountain atmosphere. This hiking pass is included in our package.

Guided Walks - Guided, theme walks take place regularly throughout the summer. On Mondays the villages of Adelboden and Frutigen are explored. On Wednesdays from Frutigen, there is a walk up to visit a mountain cheesemaker. On Thursdays you have the possibility to explore the Aeugi-Lowa climbing trail.
Charges of from $5 to $20 apply to guided walks.



Adelboden and Frutigen





GEO-Tracks / GPS Bike Tours

GPS (Global Positioning System) has been a household word for some time now. Adelboden Tourism has electronically stored various high-profile tours: four walking trails, one cycle route and even a family bike tour can be downloaded onto a GPS handset. Thanks to this wonder of modern technology, no one is going to lose their way in Adelboden's mountain world.




Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a highly effective, gentle on the joints, form of whole body training. The blood circulation is improved and aerobic stamina increases while 90% of the body's muscles are active. Tension in shoulders and the neck can be eased, stress hormone levels fall and the immune system is strengthened.

Adelboden has eight designated Nordic Walking trails, ranging from 4 to 11 km in distance, suitable for beginners and experts alike.


Cycling and Mountainbiking

Adelboden offers a wide range of possibilities for cyclists, from pleasant cycle paths and challenging mountain bike tracks, up to skill-testing "assault courses" for bikers.

Between the Hahnenmoos Pass and the Lake of Thun there are twenty well sign-posted cycle paths of varying degrees of distance and difficulty. If you prefer to cycle downhill, your bike can be transported up the mountain by cablecar free of charge.

Bicycle hire can be arranged through the hotel front desk.



Wellness and Spa Resort

On 9th July 2005, Adelboden was officially accredited by Alpine Wellness International as the first Alpine Wellness resort in Switzerland. This qualification certifies that Adelboden has a comprehensive Alpine Wellness infrastructure and in all areas of Wellness competence, scores highly for quality and attractiveness.

Enjoy the comprehensive wellness facilities free of charge in your host hotel the first-class Boutique Hotel Beau Site. These include a wellness zone with sauna, sanarium and steam bath. Also available are massages and Sanshui, a holistic wellness-massage-therapy, and oriental spa baths.

A full service Day Spa is also available at the nearby Parkhotel Bellevue. For a fee, you receive entry to the Wellness-Center «Aqua vitalis»* with indoor pool, outdoor saltwater pool, Roman thermals, sauna, cardio and fitness area.



Adelboden,  bed and breakfast: Hotel Beau Site

Boutique Hotel Beau Site

Adelboden also offers a choice of the following outdoor activities: Horse-riding, Golf (Thun), Climbing, Rapelling, and Hang-gliding

Schedule and Price



Arrivals every day from 1st June to 31st October.

Price per person, double occupancy CAD / USD $1250
Single supplement   $280
Extra nights, p.p.   $90
This tour includes:
  • 7 nights in the first-class Hotel Beau Site, in a premium room with private facilities
  • Breakfast buffet with organic choices
  • 5-course dinner each day
  • Hotel taxes and staff gratuities
  • Entrance into the town public swimming pool
  • 6 day Hiking Pass (free use of cable cars and buses)
  • Round-trip airport transfers on Swiss Rail, from either Zurich or Geneva.

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Bernese Alps & Matterhorn Explorer

This one-week guided tour takes us to the heart of the most breathtaking mountain scenery anywhere. Start in Grindelwald at the foot of world-famous Eiger. Then it's on to Lötschental, a hidden valley off the beaten tracks and astonishing culture. Afterwards, we'll stay in the world-famous hiking center Zermatt, tucked against the Alps' most striking mountain, the Matterhorn. This tour has a little of everything, and is a perfect introduction to the Swiss Alps.

* Jungfrau Region: the most beautiful Mountain scenery in the world with the resorts Grindelwald, Wengen, Mürren
* Indigenous culture and tradition in Kandersteg and Lötschental.
* Hikes at the foot of the Matterhorn.



1st day Gruezi in Switzerland - Grindelwald
Individual journey to Grindelwald. Grindelwald lies nestled in unspoilt Alpine landscape at the foot of the Eiger north face. The world-famous backdrop of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau set the scene for Grindelwald.
Your personal guide welcomes you at your hotel in Grindelwald and takes you for a stroll around the village.

D, Hotel Kirchbuhl****, Grindelwald

2nd day Schynige Platte - Faulhorn - First
Hiking time approx. 5 hrs. 40 min. „  ascent 300m, descent 400m

A classical panoramic trail to Europes oldest mountain hostel. A unique panorama trail above the tree line. On the Schynige Platte one becomes aware of the wonderful contrasts in colour between the firn dazzling summits, the green valleys and the Lutschine and Aare rivers. Well worth a visit are the alpine gardens with over 500 native plants, as well as the 2 hours round trip with a beautiful view onto the lakes of Thun and Brienz. On the trail from the Schynige Platte to First we will pass two quitely different mountain lakes, the Sagistal- and Bachalp lakes. A visit to Europes oldest mountain hostel (170 years old) on the Faulhorn and the breathtaking views of the summits around Grindelwald, as you carry on to First, make this hike unique and well worth the long effort. The trail is completely natural and sometimes rough.

B, D, Hotel Kirchbuhl****, Grindelwald


3rd day Murren - Stechelberg - Oberhornsee
Hiking time approx. 6 hrs. „ ascent 1146m,  descent 1146m. (Option: 4 to 5 hrs hike with 800m altitude gain)

After a healthy breakfast we travel by train to Lauterbrunnen. We catch the postcar to Steckelberg, our next hiking starting point. From Stechelberg, an easy, slightly uphill hike through the wild, romantic valley to Trachsellauenen, with its mountain hotel and restaurant (1hr). The trail then climbs more steeply along the left side of the valley, either via Ammerten to the Hotel Tschingelhorn and on to Hotel Obersteinberg (1 hr), or directly to Obersteinberg via Schurboden and the Tschingel Lutschine. From Obersteinberg, a narrow footpath leads up to the Oberhornsee Lake (2065m/ 6770f) in the Breithorn Nature Reserve (2 hrs). Return route: via Schafläger, with a detour to Läger, directly below the Schmadribach Falls and back to Stechelberg.
Mürren is a beautifully located, sunny, car free resort. The cozy, pedestrian, «Walser» village offers an impressive panorama of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Mürren (1650m/ 5400f) is the highest, permanently inhabited settlement in the canton Berne and is reached by cable-car.

B, D, Hotel Eiger****, Mürren

4th day Piz Gloria - Kiental - Kandersteg
Hiking time approx. 6 hrs. ascent 0m, descent 1564m

The Schilthorn became a world-famous attraction after being conquered by James Bond 007. The cable-car ride to 3000m/ 9840f is itself spectacular. In good visibility the «Piz Gloria» rotating restaurant, with its viewing terrace, offers a fabulous panorama of 200 summits and 40 glaciers. Our hike today follows adventures trails from the Schiltorn down into the Kiental. After a 6 hours hike and thousands of unforgettable sceneries we arrive at Griesalp. A postbus brings us to Reichenbach and to Kandersteg.
Your accommodation tonight is unique! A history of almost 250 years becomes tangible and at your fingertips in the honourable Ruedihus. Here you can discover the »Good Ol' Days« for yourself. Earthy beams, splendid old furniture and a loving ambient provide you with the tranquillity we so often miss.

B, D, Hotel Ruedihus***, Kandersteg

5th day Kandersteg - Lötschental
Hiking time approx. 5 ½ hrs. ascent 500m, descent 300m

The new day begins with a short train ride through the Lötschberg Tunnel. We leave the Canton Bern and the Canton Wallis greats you with spectacular view on more than thirty peaks over 4000m/ 13120f altitude.
Take some pictures from traditional houses along the valley before we walk over pretty countryside to Lauchernalp. What a view. We hike towards the Langgletscher, right at the End of the Lötschental. Here we find a place to stay for the night... a heaven of peace in beautiful natural surroundings, rustic charm far from daily routine.

B, D, Hotel Fafleralp***, Lötschental

6th day Lötschental - Anenhütte - Zermatt
Hiking time approx. 4 ½ hrs. . ascent 700m, descent 700m

Before leaving the Lötschental we discover the Anenhütte. A breathtaking path above the glacier brings us to Guggisee and the modern Alpine Hut Anen.
Leaving the Lötschental by Postbus we reach the Rhonetal. By train onward journey to Zermatt.
On the Italian border of the canton of Valais in the west of Switzerland, at the end of Nikolaital, lies Zermatt, the village at the foot of the Matterhorn, the most photographed mountain in the world. Zermatt epitomises the image of Switzerland: high-alpine, awe-inspiring and original.



Zermatt and the Matterhorn have been visited by mountaineers from all around the world since the first successful ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865. The air up here is clear, dry and clean, because, since 1947, only electric cars without a combustion engine are allowed to operate in the village.

B, D, Hotel Hemizeus***, Zermatt

7th day Hiking on the foot of the Matterhorn
Hiking time approx. 5 ½ hrs. . ascent 850m, descent 850m

The famous Edelweissweg is well known because here you have the possibility to discover the real Swiss Alpine flower, the Edelweiss. Trift is a beautiful place with a well known restaurant und Zmutt is may be the most lovely village in this area. Wooden Chalets, green fields, marmots on the way and above the mighty Matterhorn.
B, D, Hotel Hemizeus***, Zermatt

8th day Zermatt - Zurich
After breakfast our guided tour ends. Individual onward journey.


Hiking/Walking rating - moderate to challenging
Duration: The treks take between 4 and 8 hours each day.
Paths: At the beginning we walk along country paths and forest roads. In the mountains trekking takes us along narrow paths.
Altitude differential: There are some steeper climbs to manage. The ascents are usually evenly steep. The altitude differential quoted in the travel programme relates to the entire trek and is generally divided up between a number of shorter ascents and descents.


Schedule and Price



July 13                   August 3  and 24


Price per person CAD / USD $2150
Single supplement   $200


This tour includes:

- Accommodation at 3-4* hotels and half board except on day 1 and 8 (meals as noted; B=Breakfast, PL=Picnics-Lunch, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
- Tips to porters and drivers
- All cable car rides throughout the tour starting in Grindelwald, finishing in Zermatt
- All entrance fees for excursions throughout the tour
- Luggage transport from Grindelwald throughout the tour until Zermatt
- English-speaking travel guide/hiking guide
- Extensive travel documentation


Not included:

- Swiss Rail pass



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Contact Simply Swiss at 1-866-648 7757 for further details.